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More Organizations/Charities That Help Pay Bills

Impression08 started this conversation

In today's economy, more and more people are finding themselves in an unexpected financial slump. Finding help in a timely manner may be necessary for survival.  Knowing where to look is the key.

One good resource is charitable organizations.  

Here are some examples of charitable organizations that help pay bills throughout the United States -


For Emergency Help With Rent, Utilities, and Food:  

Catholic Charities USA -

  • - The largest private network of social service organizations in the United States of more than 1,700 agencies and institutions nationwide. "Give people a leg up when life has knocked them down."

Society of St. Vincent DePaul -

  • - The list of services of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul in the United States is endless. No work of charity is foreign to the Society

American Veterans Relief Foundation -

  • - A non-profit organization dedicated to helping veterans when they need it most.

Salvation Army USA -

  • - The Salvation Army is serving more people in the USA than ever before

United Way of America -

  • - Many companies and organizations partner with United Way to provide needed services throughout the country


For Help With Medicine and Medical Bills:

Patient Advocate Foundation -

  • - The Patient Advocate Foundation (PAF) Co-Pay Relief Program (CPR) currently provides direct financial support to insured patients, including Medicare Part D beneficiaries

Free Medical Camps -

  • - Listing and information about free Medical Clinics and Free Dental Clinics that are available in all the States and Cities in the United States.


For Emergency Financial Assistance:  

Modest Needs -

  • - Offers three types of grants: Self-Sufficiency Grants, Back-to-Work Grants, and Independent Living Grants. The grants come with no strings attached and do not ever have to be repaid.

Ways To Work -

  • - A proven, innovative program that provides small loans to low-income parents who cannot get loans elsewhere. The purpose of the loan is to help family members pay for unexpected expenses that could interfere with their ability to keep a job or stay in school. Quite often the loans are used to purchase or fix a car


Even Help With Pets:

AAHA Helping Pets Fund -

  • - As the benevolent arm of the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) Foundation, the AAHA Helping Pets Fund helps those in need access quality veterinary care for their sick or injured pets

(Many more resources are available in Pat's Resource Guide at

I am a Registered Nurse and have been helping people for over 30 years. Often when people face financial challenges, they don't know where to begin, or even that help is often available for them.

I had often wished that there was a single source of information that could direct me and my patients/clients to know where to look for help and how to access it. It was never to be found.

That is why I have created Pat's Resource Guides; easy-to-use eBooks that quickly identify available resources and provide the important information that is needed to get help.

Patricia McMann, RN



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littlelacie   in reply to wright baby
on internet type need help with bills, give city and state, you will then see a list of places that might be able to help
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wright baby
Hi my name is dontoma I am a single mother of 1 who is 2 an just moved in to a new apartment an have to pay all my bills an rent but am not working I am hoping the one of 2 of the job interviews I go to this week I will get I a have called over 10 different charities an church's but none of them had any rent funds left if anyone now's so we're that has funds an can help with my rent for sep. Please let me know thank you
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God daughter   in reply to real_mom1979
Hi my name is Katby, a single mom. I been struggling with my rent. I come up with some but I have other things to pay also. I tried so hard trying to pay rent.Now I have to go to court, but not sure what's going to happen with me and my son. I tried so hard to pay, but I struggle from month to month. If someone can help me and my son, please help. I work but it's not enough.I appreciate any advice or help.
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mena1   in reply to real_mom1979
Come 2 New York
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It seems to me that the system care's for animal more than human?
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I am a 19 years old and a former volunteer for charitable organizations such as the American Red Cross.

Less than a year ago, my father abandoned my mother and me. Since then, he has provided us with no support. My mother has not worked in nearly 20 years and is currently forced to work two jobs in order to make ends meet.

Throughout high school, I was a varsity athlete and a straight A student who gained recognition for scoring in the top 3 percent in the nation on the PSAT. I never expected to be in this situation, as my goal was to attend college and become a doctor.

Due to increasing financial concerns, I have put off college in order to help my mother pay the rent. Any assistance you could offer us in our time of need would be greatly appreciated.

Please email me at
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Anyone know how I can get assistance with paying for school. I don't have good credit or co-signers so I can't get a loan. I don't get pell grants at my school either. i graduate this semester and need help paying.
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 in response to real_mom1979...   your welcome and u too
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 in response to Impression08...   Thanx hun.. and you have a blessed day :-)
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 in response to JUSTLUVMEME...   you have to browse through the resources good luck!
Talk to Impression08
 in response to real_mom1979...   there are tons of resources that maybe able to help you browse thru my page and see what u come up with...good luck!
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 in response to real_mom1979...   your welcome anytime...and if that don't work continue to browse, something will come thru for ya. Have a Bless Day
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 in response to impression...   thank you... i think i may have found some help for the problem im having.
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 in response to real_mom1979...   good luck with the resources

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Hello.. My names Trisha im a 32 year old recently divorced mother of two. Im in need of REAL help with my rent. Like everyone else on here.. i'm struggling to get by. Im a very honest person so im just gonna say it like it is. I had everything i needed at one time, never hurt and my kids had it all life was easy and perfect. Well, i guess my husband thought his life was less than perfect. he decided to leave me and our two children out on our butts to be with someone else... much younger than me with no children. Since this.. me and my kids lost everything and had to start completly over. I lost my job.. a nice parting gift also due to my ex and his wonderful family. So i had to get on county aid. I live in california so.. welfair isnt very much its just enough to pay for a couple bills... no joke i only get 490.00 a month my rent is 700.00 a month. I have had the hardest time finding work. Right now i work 2 days a week taking care of an elderly woman and its just not enough. I'm two months behind on rent and today my landlord, whom is such a good lady told me i needed to come up with the money quick because she cant cover for me no longer and i dont blame her one bit she has been good to me. I have no one to turn to i have exausted everything possible. If there is someone out there that can help me and my kids it would be a total blessing... a miracle!!! My email is im a good honest hard working mother... no lies, no b.s just a real person in need of help in my darkest hour!
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